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Flat Pricing Table License: WTFPL Freebie Author: Marijan Petrovski Tags: , , Download This Freebie!

The freebie for today came out as one of the possible directions I was going to take the redesign of Bonadza, my advertising network. What you get out of this is a flat pricing table.
Honestly I was not overly satisfied with this one, even though I believe it has potential, and in certain scenarios could be used as it is. Unfortunately for me, it just didn’t work well for my project. Anyhow enjoy this freebie for now, and once I am done with the other version, I will publish that one also.

Grayscale Ui Kit License: WTFPL Freebie Author: Rishabh Varshney Tags: , , Download This Freebie!

Happy sunday. Here’s an *almost* grayscale UI kit. Do whatever you like, just don’t sell it.

Fun with opacity. It’s mostly black and white and/or shades of gray with varying opacities. There is a minimal use of color.

Check it out on various backgrounds:

Climaicons by Adam Whitcroft: